Here’s to the costumes…what a fan learned from Outlander

Beautiful article and so well articulated. You have captured exactly what I have been seeing and feeling and have provided so much more to my own understanding. This is an amazing world of creation – I would have loved to be part of this world. Touches my soul – truly. Thanks so much for this. (Wonder if it’s too late!)

My Outlander Blog!


My maiden voyage into fandom has been filled with treasure troves of friendship, self-discovery and unique opportunities to learn the lay of the land that is film-making. In short, Outlander on Starz has been a singular experience. One of the reasons this experience has been so positive is my  interaction with the author and the folks making my favorite book come to life on the screen. I never dreamed I would have such access and the reality of their willingness to talk with and share with fans has resulted in a life-enriching experience.

Terry Dresbach, the costume designer for the show, has been one of the more open and accessible folks.  She very quickly realized that fans were genuinely interested in what she does and how she does it. She has been open to questions and even started a blog to help satisfy our curiosity about her creative process I…

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